Thursday, August 2, 2012

Late Night Musings

I know, I know. I should be in bed since I have to get up early tomorrow for a doctor's appointment, but I just couldn't sleep and I just felt the need to blog. So, here I am. Blogging on a laptop which it's screen is broken, so I have to use our TV as the screen. Oh how ingenious we can be!

First of all, it has been over 5 months since Lucy was born. Can you believe it!? Time has gone by crazy fast. Just within the past few weeks she's started to become mobile and is now, for the most part, sitting up all by herself. Sometimes I catch myself thinking back to the "good ol' days" when we first brought her home from the hospital. She's just gotten so big!

5 months!
Sitting up like a big girl

Secondly, my diet/lifestyle change has gotten off to a pretty interesting start. Due to personal issues, I started but then stopped last week and started anew this week. Tomorrow will my fourth day in, and I'm doing okay.

I try to weigh myself every Monday. Just lets me know if I'm headed in the right direction. Interesting story about this Monday, however. My cheap little bathroom scale is currently about 5 pounds less than 0. I can't find the little doo-hickey to zero it out (I think it might have broken off) so I just do the subtraction. Anyways, I step on the scale on Monday and it slowly moves to 5 above 0. I'm just so happy. One week of not really trying and I already weigh 0 pounds! Sweet! (Actually, I think I need another scale).....

One major step that I've taken to head towards my goal is doing daily exercises. Now, the ones I'm doing currently aren't terribly strenious (although they feel like it to me since I didn't do anything previous to this) but they are getting me into the habit of doing them daily.

The set of exercises I'm doing originally came from This is called the Starter's Exercise Plan. This is how it goes (JJs = Jumping Jacks):

Day One: 30 JJs, 10 crunches
Day Two: 35 JJs, 15 crunches
Day Three: 40 JJs, 20 crunches
Day Four: 45 JJs, 10 sit-ups
Day Five: Rest
Day Six: 50 JJs, 15 sit-ups
Day Seven: 30 crunches, 10 leg lifts
Day Eight: 55 JJs, 10 leg lifts
Day Nine: 60 JJs
Day Ten: 10 lunges (each leg)
Day Eleven: Rest
Day Twelve: 15 crunches, 10 leg lifts
Day Thirteen: 20 leg lifts, 20 sit-ups
Day Fourteen: 15 minutes jogging in place
Day Fifteen: 10 lunges (each leg), 60 JJs
Day Sixteen: Rest
Day Seventeen: 20 leg lifts, 10 toe-touches
Day Eighteen: 5 minute jog, 15 toe-touches, 10 lunges
Day Nineteen: 20 lunges, 10 toe-touches
Day Twenty: 10 lunges, 10 sit-ups, 20 JJs

If you would like a prettier version of this to print out for yourself, feel free to visit my "Getting in Shape" board on Pinterest, or visit the original poster in the link mentioned above.

Sure, to you veteran work-outers, this may not seem very hard, but man my shoulders were sore after the first day of doing those jumping jacks. I sometimes wonder if I'm doing my crunches right because I haven't felt really any pain in my core, but maybe that's a good thing...? After I get done with this plan, I'm going to take a day of rest, and then move onto her Level One Exercise Plan. I like these because they're fairly simple and I don't need fancy equipment or a gym membership to do them. I can actually do all of them in the comfort of my own living room. Yay!

And here is the embarassing part, my "Before" pictures. I hate taking body pictures of myself, and even more, I hate putting them up on the Internet. But, I think that if I do this, then it will really show me how much of an improvement I'm making, even when I feel like I'm not making any. So...without further ado....Shiloh's

Before Pictures:

Front shot
Side shot

Sorry for the bad shots. I don't have a full length mirror so I kinda had to work with what I had. But you get the jist of it, I hope. Main problem areas for me are my upper arms and the whole tummy area. But, hopefully, those will be blasted away in the future.

I think I have babbled on enough about me, so, my loyal readers, what about you? Are you on your own weight loss journey, or are you thinking of starting one up? I hope that by me sharing mine with you (all the ups and downs included) that it will make you think about starting one yourself, if the need is there.

Until next time!


  1. I'm stuck wide awake too... lol.. I applaud your lifestyle change! You go girl! I too have attempted to loes baby *and pre baby* weight. I've stripped my diet down for the most part and I'm forcing myself to get out of the house more and haul my daughter around... week 3 and I've gained 2 pounds.... oh well... I know my body is better even if it's growing...

  2. Hello, I've just discovered your blog on the Sprite Stitch forums :) Just wanted to say good luck for your "life change", it's not easy to keep on over time, but your blog will help ! especially the before/after pictures, it's a great idea ! good luck !! and by the way, your little daughter is so cute ! (I'm a "Lucy" too :D am I still objective... ?)

  3. Thanks for the visit and the encouragement! I was hesitant to put up any "before" pictures, but I had to take them for my sake, and I also wanted to let people know where I started from.

    And as long as you say Lucy is cute, then you're objective in my book! lol.